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Essential Oil racks made from Cedar Wood.  Essential oils not included.

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3 Tier Cedar Wood Rack
The 3 Tier Cedar Wood Rack keeps your bottles nice and organized  anywhere in your home, office..
Basic Capsule Holder
Made of Cedar wood this holder give a steady base to make capsules for ingestion.  Simply ..
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Basic Oil Rack
This rack is perfect to conveniently hold your 11 5 ml or 10 15 ml of your favorite oils. ..
Beautiful cross made from cedar wood for the Oils of Ancient Scripture collection by Young Living ..
Deluxe Capsule Holder with Pegs
Design includes pegs to hold your capsule tops. Makes capsule assembly even easier.   ..
Deluxe Raindrop Rack
The base holds the Raindrop Technique Kit in 15ml size holes.  Extra space for moving the ..
Drawer Rack Small
Conveniently stores 15 essential oils in a drawer or sit on counter.   Fits a minimum drawer..
Dreams of Diamond Pendants
Dreams of Diamond Pendant necklaces are made of various dried tree branches.  Each one unique.&..
Hi Rise 2 Row
The Hi Rise 2 Row holds 22 15 ml essential oils.  Perfect for your collection. Natura..
Raindrop Technique  Guide
This simple laminated card guides you through the main steps of the Raindrop Tec..
Roll On Rack
Holds 6- 10 ml roll-ons.  Slim design for bedside or table. Dimension 8"L x 1 1/2"W x 1 1/..
Single Wall Rack
Wall mount rack. Space saving and holds 65 15 ml holes.  Mounting hardware included.  ..
Vitality Under the Cabinet Oil Rack
The new Vitality Under the Cabinet oil rack holds 30- 5 or 15ml essential oils.  Convenien..
Bi-Fold Rack
Nice two door rack that stores 130 oils in 15 ml size holes (5 ml bottles will f..
Drawer Rack Large
The Vitality drawer rack is a basic, simple design that conveniently displays 30- 5 or 15 ml essenti..
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